Shungite and soapstone harmonizers are two natural stones that are often used together in holistic healing practices. shungite is a rare, non-crystalline mineral that is found primarily in Russia, and is known for its unique properties that are said to have a range of health benefits. Soapstone is a type of metamorphic rock that is soft and easy to carve, and has been used in various cultures for its soothing properties.

The shungite and soapstone harmonizer is a set of two stones, one made of shungite and the other made of soapstone, that are designed to be used together in order to balance and harmonize the energy in the body. The shungite stone is said to have a grounding effect, while the soapstone is believed to have a calming effect, making them a powerful combination for promoting overall wellbeing.

To use the shungite and soapstone harmonizer, you can hold one stone in each hand and focus on your breathing. As you inhale, imagine yourself drawing in positive energy from the universe, and as you exhale, imagine releasing any negative energy or stress. Allow the energy of the stones to flow through your body, and focus on the feeling of balance and harmony that they bring.

Alternatively, you can place the stones on various points on the body, such as the forehead, the heart, or the solar plexus, in order to promote balance and relaxation. You can also use the harmonizer during meditation or yoga practices to help deepen your practice and enhance your overall wellbeing.

It is important to note that while shungite and soapstone harmonizers are believed to have many health benefits, they should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any health concerns, it is important to seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional. Additionally, if you are new to using natural stones in your healing practices, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced practitioner to ensure that you are using them safely and effectively.

February 20, 2023 — Todd Brown

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