Like all things that hold immense energy, Selenite brings a unique vibration to your home and spiritual practice. From connecting with the divine to charging crystals, clearing negative energy, or simply beautifying your space, there are many beautiful ways to use the power of Selenite.


In 2023, there's no question that negative energy can be found lurking around us-from the news to our local communities. When it is so easy to get overwhelmed with these energies, how can one harness the power of Selenite for spiritual healing and protection?


In this article, we'll explore how. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a naturally occurring crystal found in many parts of the world and comes in various colors. Most commonly, it appears as a clear or white form with a unique iridescent sheen that some believe holds a connection to the divine. Selenite is believed to be a powerful stone for restoring harmony, clearing away negative energy, and connecting with your higher self.

How to Use Selenite for Spiritual Healing and Protection

Selenite is usually used in meditation, energy healing, or ceremonial practices. Here are some of the best ways to use Selenite for spiritual healing and protection:


• Place it around your home: Placing pieces of Selenite around your home will protect you from negative energy. It will also help to create an atmosphere of peace and calm, allowing you to relax and open your spirit for spiritual healing.


• Use it in meditation: Holding a piece of Selenite while meditating or practicing yoga can help raise your vibration and open the heart chakra. This will help to

increase your intuition and clarity of thought while also removing any negative energy.


• Create a Selenite grid: Creating a Selenite grid in your home is one of the most powerful ways to use this crystal. To do so, place various pieces of Selenite around your space to create an energetic barrier that will protect you from unwanted energies.


• Carry it with you: You can also carry a piece of Selenite on your person or in your pocket to keep negative energy away throughout the day. It is also believed that this crystal can help ward off bad luck and attract good fortune, so why not try it?


• Clearing negative energy-letting go of what no longer serves you: One of the most impactful ways to use Selenite is to clear away negative energies from your life. If you're feeling drained, anxious, or weighed down by things that no longer serve you-Selenite can help. Place a few pieces of this crystal in different areas of the room and let it absorb any unwanted energies lingering around.


· Charging crystal-make use of the power of Selenite

Selenite is an excellent crystal for charging other stones. Place your crystals on top of Selenite overnight and allow its energy to revitalize them. This may help restore their energy and enhance their spiritual properties.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the power of Selenite is immense and can be used for spiritual healing and protection in various ways.


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February 20, 2023 — Todd Brown
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