Payment is due in full at the time of the order. We do not do layaways or back-orders for online sales.

Please make sure your order is correct at the time of payment. A repacking fee will be applied to order changes after payment is completed.


On-line sessions have a plus or minus ten-minute join window. If you miss a scheduled session without advance notification, we will not refund your payment.


We sell product via live sales on social media, as well as this site. We also have a retail store and sometimes entertain in-person sales at our warehouse. All of these sales channels draw from the inventory in the warehouse.

This website adjusts inventory upon the completion of a sale. It is possible that an item in your cart may go out of stock before you can complete the sale. In that case, the program will not let you purchase it.

It is also possible for a product to be sold at the same time through one of the other outlets before the inventory for the website could be adjusted. In that case, we will discover the shortage during fulfillment and will contact you to discuss how best to resolve the issue. We may offer a replacement item, refund the value of the item, or give in-store credit.


Many of our product vary in size and color and we may have multiple copies of similar items. As a result, our products fall into two categories. Actual Item and Random Pulls.

For Actual Items, the photo will be of the item you are purchasing.

For Random Pulls, we do our best to give you a general representation in our photos. We will fill your request by doing a random pull from multiple similar items.

If have concerns about Random Pull items, contact us before you place your order to discuss.


Our crystals, rocks and metaphysical items do not replace medical or mental health provider support. If you need medical attention or need to seek a mental health provider, please do so.

Crystal energy, and tools for energetic balance, are use help to support many practitioners and ways of everyday life.

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