Tumbled Actinolite with Quartz

Actinolite offers psychic protection and allowing you to expand your aura and remain safe in the process. It offers insight into energies that are interfering with spiritual growth and can help remove those blocks.  If you set an intention to release unwanted aspects of yourself.

Actinolite aligns mind-body-spirit.  It assists those who are looking to redefine their journey, calmly offering support and love as the new direction is discovered, gently urging you to take the risk of rebirth. It encourages ‘right’ action, alleviates procrastination, and improves self-esteem. This stone relieves stress, and awakens the ability to achieve higher consciousness.

Chakra: Heart
Elements: Earth
Zodiac: Scorpio

  • Heart
  • Earth
  • Scorpio
$3.00 USD