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Mixed Hematoid Bead Bracelets

Mixed Hematoid Bead Bracelets

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Mix Hematoid is a combination of Fire quartz and Golden healer

Fire quartz

Combines the intense energy of quartz with the stabilizing energy of hematite.
Promotes self confidence and acceptance.
Helps with short attention spans by enhancing focus.
If your feeling scattered or overwhelmed it will help keep one balanced and grounded.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Element: Fire
Zodiacs: Aquarius, Aries

Golden Healer

A powerful stone of the Golden Ray that clears energy blockages and imbalances.
Brings the entire body into balance by aligning all the chakras, and balancing yin and yang energies.
Facilitates spiritual communication over a long distance, including between different worlds and dimensions.
Removes all negative energies from one's auric field and surrounding environment.

Chakra: All
Elements: Fire
Zodiac: Leo

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