Grid Kits for Peace, Love and Abundance

This Grid Kits is designed to allow you to create a grid to support Peace, Love and Abundance. It contain the following:

  • Clear Quartz Tower - (One for the center of your grid), Clear Quartz Points (6) Clear Quartz Tumbles (6)   Master healer, amplifies energy and thoughts and crystals around it. Promotes clarity.
  • Rose Quartz Tumbles (6) - Inspires compassion, boosts feeling of peace and calm, self love and trust.
  • Green Aventurine Tumbles (6) - Stone of prosperity, diffuse negative emotions, leadership, clams anger and balances male and female energy.
  • Amethyst Tumbles (6) - Opens the third eye chakra that is know to be the source of power and wisdom. Helps rid the mind of negative thoughts and adds protection.
  • Moonstone Tumbles (6) - This stone helps you tap into your intuition, manage stress, enhance psychic ability and encourages compassion.
  • Black Tourmaline Tumbles (6) - Balances emotion, build self confidence, protects your space balances Ying/Yang energies. Provides a barrier against negative energy.
  • Selenite Rod (1) - Cleaning energy helps transmute negative energy while amplifying other crystals.
  • White Sage Bundle (1) - Locally sourced Smudging Sage. Perfect for meditation or preparation for gird building.
  • Seed of life Grid Cloth (1) - A 16" x 16" washer/dryer safe cloth grid.
  • Storage Box - Kit is shipped in a sturdy cardboard box that can be reused as a storage box for your grid supplies.
  • Instructions - Kit contain a card with step by step instructions for building your grid.
$75.00 USD